Host Your Own Fundraiser – Guidelines

Congratulations, rock star! All of us at Little Kids Rock are your official fans for your support and commitment to raise funds to give the gift of music to the children who need it most!

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To begin, please read over the information on this page and then submit your application giving more information about the proposed event.

Once this application has been submitted, we will review it and do our best to contact you within 10 business days. Please do not move forward with your plans until we contact you to make certain we can work together most efficiently to benefit the kids who need our help.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind about your fundraiser:

  • Little Kids Rock works with various corporate sponsors in connection with programs and events that we conduct. In order to ensure that there is no conflict with our sponsors and partners, it is important that you inform us of any potential event sponsors or underwriters for your event before you secure them.
  • All publicity material related to the event must be reviewed and approved by Little Kids Rock before it is produced or distributed. Materials should be submitted 2 weeks prior to release date.
  • If you conduct an athletic or sporting event, you must require all participants to sign a waiver/release and must retain those waivers/releases for an agreed upon period of time following the event.
  • You will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits for the event, and for obtaining general liability insurance for your event. The following entities should be named as additional insured on the liability insurance for the event: Little Kids Rock, 271 Grove Ave., Bldg. E2 Verona, NJ 07044
  • Little Kids Rock may be able to provide guidance for your event, but we are generally unable to provide logistical/administrative assistance for the event. Once we approve your event, you should be prepared to provide all of the support necessary to organize and conduct the event, including committing all funds required for conducting the event. We also have a firm policy about protecting our donors’ and participants’ information. We do not rent or share
    mail or email lists.
  • You should also make best efforts to comply with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards of Chart Accountability regarding caused related marketing.

Ready to get started? Submit your application here”

Language to use in Advertising

The Better Business Bureau has established guidelines as to how you must indicate your
fundraiser is benefiting Little Kids Rock. Please refer to the following chart:

What is going to Little Kids Rock The Language to Use
If all the money collected is going to Little Kids Rock 100% of Proceeds benefit Little Kids Rock
If all the money minus your expenses on the event are going to Little Kids Rock ___% of the proceeds benefit Little Kids Rock
If a specific dollar amount in the purchase of a product is going to Little Kids Rock You must state the dollar amount.
Example: For every ticket we sell, $100 will go to Little Kids Rock
If a percentage of the proceeds are going to benefit Little Kids Rock You must state what percentage of the proceeds will benefit the organization.
For example, 25 percent of the proceeds to benefit Little Kids Rock